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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Music for the Soul: A Production team

I can very faintly remember a conversation I had with this talented brother, freshman year of college, and one thing I remember him making known is his love and passion for music. Since then, he had furthered his love for music with his Indie-Soul music production team that specializes in the fields of songwriting, production, engineering, composition, and film-scoring. It consists of Producers, Singers/Songwriters, Musicians, and engineers that work in any genre of music creating songs for artists. 
The Founder of this production team and the mysterious convo guy: Brandon Lee Richardson (whom by the way I had no clue had went through with starting the production team!)
Brandon attended Five Towns College where he produced and co-wrote a song that ended up winning the "Five College Final Stage" competition. From that point forward,he decided to take it a step further by putting together a Production/Songwriting super group to make music that comes straight from the soul. 
Every song created by Indie-Soul is based off true
stories and events and they will continue to create songs in hopes
that the listeners can relate.
Now who can disagree with that?

Support Music, support Life.

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