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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

B.A.M. Festival Summer 2010

Brooklyn...home to some of the many cool events of New York City. One particular event that I experienced for the first time in my life that happened this past Sunday was the BAM Festival (located in Downtown Brooklyn) where people can come out and experience music, good food, soulful and artistic people, and vendors selling everything from soaps, jewelery, music, musk oils, clothing and more. I can honestly say it was a great and eye-opening experience. The people, the rhythms, the vibe, everything about the festival is something that every person can enjoy and take part in. The different hairstyles, the clothing! I encourage every person, if they can to get out to the festival and spread the word. Its an event that all ages can take part in and experience.
Heading out to Brooklyn, New York with my ace Ashleigh...we were on the hunt for....LIFE.

Here are some pics, people and things that I

First..the cool bikes..

And then the soulful and cool young men and women that were willing to pose for my blog. I'd just like to say thank you :)

A young woman representing a creative company named Tendrils: A hair spa located on 87 Fort Greene Place in Brooklyn New York. They create some very beautiful and artistic custom designed hair pieces and bridal gowns. Please visit

Beautiful DREADS. I just thought this was cute lol.

And more from the festival...

Being here at this festival proved to be quite inspiring.
Until next time..
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  1. love that day ur an awesome friend thats y we mesh!

  2. and you look beautiful in this blog post