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"The higher you soar, the smaller you appear to those who cannot fly."

Thursday, March 10, 2011

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Thank God for our legs. We take them for granted.

Naja Pazant


Lolita Royale

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Monday, December 27, 2010

An ode to Rosalie Pazant


The Mind....

is a terrible thing....

Lolita Royale™

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Sometimes, its the distorted reality that we can understand and see clearly. Its what isn't said, not spoken...unheard. Its what is blurred.

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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I am the imagination.

Let your mind illuminate the dark.

Monday, August 23, 2010

....a mother's closet can produce wonders. Don't be afraid to venture in.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Our hands. They can give comfort. Give reassurance. Give a confirmation. Show love. Give pleasure. Make Art...
I think we take our hands for granted sometimes.

Naja Lolita

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Just Bitten? or Just a Joke? A Review on Revlon's Latest Cosmetic

So, I’m watching the television, and this beautiful girl is rolling around in the grass with her hot boyfriend. But it gets even better….she starts talking. Jessica Beil then reveals to you her latest secret on what makes her incredibly “sexy”. She’s wearing Revlon’s latest addition to their cosmetic line: Just Bitten Lipstain and Lip Balm. Now for some reason, I was just like, I had to have that (and I’m not big on lipstick colors like that but I’m just starting to get into it). So, off I go to pick up this “hottest invention ever”. I try it out…and for some reason, I’m disappointed. Maybe its because of the fact that the color end of the stick where you actually get the color looks like a freaking marker (like wth…you mean to tell me that I could have just applied chapstick to my lips and then applied a coloring marker!). Welp, I guess I was sucked in as a consumer. However, there is some part of me that is strangely attracted to this little invention. I think I want another one. The color I got was called “frenzy”. Im looking to get a brighter color. I’m going to give this Revlon crap another try.

Try 2: So I go out and buy Just Bitten: Passion. Result: IT SUCKS! Hardly no color comes out. It works like a dried up marker. Overall, it’s a consumer DON’T. A waste of money.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

"The Day"-The Roots from their latest album "How I Got Over"

First off, I would just like to say that I am utterly in love with the music group called The Roots. Their latest album documents the beauty of the poetry in their album. Something you can feel, something you can relate to. Something you can feel. Not just a whole bunch of random crap being tossed into my ears.

There was this one song that hit me...and almost explained everything I was feeling:

[Chorus: Patty Cash]
When I wake up, I look into the mirror
I can see a clearer, vision
I should start living today
Cause today is gonna be the day, is gonna be the day
Cause today is gonna be the day, is gonna be the day

Yeah, it’s like everyday I wake up, I stare into space and don’t say much
Peer in the mirror, feeling dead from the face up
Coffee pots, cigarettes, morning Js, Baileys
Slowing down my day before it picks up the pace
Beats playing since the night before, thinking bout writing songs
Feeling exhausted from times we toured constant
And plus the toxics I sip got me tall
Still tipsy, staring at the city from the spot we call Los Angeles
Every day is like a blank canvas
Carving my initials in the planet like I brand it
Hand picked to live this life we take for granted
Like a child with an upright bass, we can’t stand it
Smiling through the trouble we face, tryna manage
My way without pumping my brakes and staying stagnant
Cause I can sit on my ass or just imagine
The madness I did on my path and paint the canvas

[Chorus: Patty Cash]
When I wake up, I look into the mirror
I can see a clearer, vision
I should start living today
Cause today is gonna be the day, is gonna be the day
Cause today is gonna be the day, is gonna be the day

[Black Thought]
Before I rise and shine like a neon sign
I need the girl of my dreams to give me Einstein
And burn the marijuan’ like Buju Banton
Is my only bonafide break from these confines
I need a change of scenery like a montage
These kids bringing me the noise like the bomb squad
And everybody coming at me from the blindside
I’m tired, it’s hard to open up my eyes wide
I listen to some theme music on the iPod
And walk around the crib doing little odd jobs
Checking my breath, take a view from this high rise
Feeling like I’m checking out a game from the sideline
I got to try different things in these trying times
Twenty-ten is different than it was in nine-five
It’s come alive time, I picked a fine time
For getting open off life like a fine wine

[Chorus: Patty Cash]
When I wake up, I look into the mirror
I can see a clearer, vision
I should start living today
Cause today is gonna be the day, is gonna be the day
Cause today is gonna be the day, is gonna be the day

Uh, yeah, Sunday morning, plan my day out
Whole new blueprint, brand new layout
Deep down still don’t know if it’ll play out
Before the first time, feel like I done found a way out
Skin getting clearer and it feel like I lost weight
Stop and say a prayer for the times I lost faith
Troubles of the world had me in a cross-face
Chicken-wing, sickening, liver so off-base
But now it’s like I’m in the last lap of the car chase
And I finally understand my right to choose
My preacher man told me it could always be worse
Even the three-legged dog still got three good legs to lose
So you can stop and refresh the rules
Breathe in, breathe out, let it heal all your exit wounds
Something inside said that’s the move
And maybe today, I’ll restart fresh and new

[Chorus: Patty Cash]
When I wake up, I look into the mirror
I can see a clearer, vision
I should start living today
Cause today is gonna be the day, is gonna be the day
Cause today is gonna be the day, is gonna be the day

Thursday, July 8, 2010

A shame.....

A random sighting on 125th street in Harlem. But whats even more shocking is that its in HARLEM!!! I just found this appalling...and what was worst, is that others that were walking back and forth past this church, didnt seem to find this sign quite bothersome either. Its just a shame.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Loving the Pumps and Red Hair

Little Ms. Keke Palmer...
Lookin' Gorgeous

Red hair! Some people are calling it a mistake. I call it Bold. Go Ri-Riii!!!


Sunday, June 6, 2010

Music for the Soul: A Production team

I can very faintly remember a conversation I had with this talented brother, freshman year of college, and one thing I remember him making known is his love and passion for music. Since then, he had furthered his love for music with his Indie-Soul music production team that specializes in the fields of songwriting, production, engineering, composition, and film-scoring. It consists of Producers, Singers/Songwriters, Musicians, and engineers that work in any genre of music creating songs for artists. 
The Founder of this production team and the mysterious convo guy: Brandon Lee Richardson (whom by the way I had no clue had went through with starting the production team!)
Brandon attended Five Towns College where he produced and co-wrote a song that ended up winning the "Five College Final Stage" competition. From that point forward,he decided to take it a step further by putting together a Production/Songwriting super group to make music that comes straight from the soul. 
Every song created by Indie-Soul is based off true
stories and events and they will continue to create songs in hopes
that the listeners can relate.
Now who can disagree with that?

Support Music, support Life.

Who is NNEKA?

I dont care if I may be late on hearing about this, and I'm positive that if I haven't heard about her, I am sure there are many others who haven't. This positive, young soul are just the kind of people I like to hear about. Not to mention, something about this soulful young woman from Nigeria is absolutely adorable. A free spirit.


Tuesday, June 1, 2010

B.A.M. Festival Summer 2010

Brooklyn...home to some of the many cool events of New York City. One particular event that I experienced for the first time in my life that happened this past Sunday was the BAM Festival (located in Downtown Brooklyn) where people can come out and experience music, good food, soulful and artistic people, and vendors selling everything from soaps, jewelery, music, musk oils, clothing and more. I can honestly say it was a great and eye-opening experience. The people, the rhythms, the vibe, everything about the festival is something that every person can enjoy and take part in. The different hairstyles, the clothing! I encourage every person, if they can to get out to the festival and spread the word. Its an event that all ages can take part in and experience.
Heading out to Brooklyn, New York with my ace Ashleigh...we were on the hunt for....LIFE.

Here are some pics, people and things that I

First..the cool bikes..

And then the soulful and cool young men and women that were willing to pose for my blog. I'd just like to say thank you :)

A young woman representing a creative company named Tendrils: A hair spa located on 87 Fort Greene Place in Brooklyn New York. They create some very beautiful and artistic custom designed hair pieces and bridal gowns. Please visit

Beautiful DREADS. I just thought this was cute lol.

And more from the festival...

Being here at this festival proved to be quite inspiring.
Until next time..
Peace and Soul,

Thursday, May 27, 2010




The Heart.

The Soul.

The Mind.

The Connection: My Headphones.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Something Unexpected

It was something unexpected. It was something forgotten. It was something new. Yet, it something that we all know so well, dream about, speak of, think of....the thing we all feel. It was that bright fire that burns. It was something that came around a time that was so unexpected, a time in which this very thing I speak of I thought no longer existed. It came during a time that seemed bleak, during a time in which disappointment was high.

It was something I was afraid to approach. Something I was afraid to touch. Something I was afraid to trust. It was that thing that at times we're all afraid to give into. It was something that made me nervous. Something I couldn't quite figure out. Something that made me shy. Something that made me feel unsure.
Something I tried to define.

It was something I have wanted for awhile now. It was something that many people fight for, something many cry for. Something many learn from. It was something many walk away defeated by. It was something I was proud of. Something uplifting.
It was something we all take for granted. It was something that I could not fathom at times. Something that made me feel like I was floating. Something that made me lose control. Something that made me feel like I was ontop of the world.
It was security. It was joy. It was something that snuck up behind me and caught me.
It was those butterflies, those smiles...that hello.
It was this thing that words at time is not enough to explain. It was just this feeling.

It was something real. Something true. Something unexpected. Something needed.
It was you. Love.