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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Just Bitten? or Just a Joke? A Review on Revlon's Latest Cosmetic

So, I’m watching the television, and this beautiful girl is rolling around in the grass with her hot boyfriend. But it gets even better….she starts talking. Jessica Beil then reveals to you her latest secret on what makes her incredibly “sexy”. She’s wearing Revlon’s latest addition to their cosmetic line: Just Bitten Lipstain and Lip Balm. Now for some reason, I was just like, I had to have that (and I’m not big on lipstick colors like that but I’m just starting to get into it). So, off I go to pick up this “hottest invention ever”. I try it out…and for some reason, I’m disappointed. Maybe its because of the fact that the color end of the stick where you actually get the color looks like a freaking marker (like wth…you mean to tell me that I could have just applied chapstick to my lips and then applied a coloring marker!). Welp, I guess I was sucked in as a consumer. However, there is some part of me that is strangely attracted to this little invention. I think I want another one. The color I got was called “frenzy”. Im looking to get a brighter color. I’m going to give this Revlon crap another try.

Try 2: So I go out and buy Just Bitten: Passion. Result: IT SUCKS! Hardly no color comes out. It works like a dried up marker. Overall, it’s a consumer DON’T. A waste of money.

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