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"The higher you soar, the smaller you appear to those who cannot fly."

Friday, May 21, 2010

Something Unexpected

It was something unexpected. It was something forgotten. It was something new. Yet, it something that we all know so well, dream about, speak of, think of....the thing we all feel. It was that bright fire that burns. It was something that came around a time that was so unexpected, a time in which this very thing I speak of I thought no longer existed. It came during a time that seemed bleak, during a time in which disappointment was high.

It was something I was afraid to approach. Something I was afraid to touch. Something I was afraid to trust. It was that thing that at times we're all afraid to give into. It was something that made me nervous. Something I couldn't quite figure out. Something that made me shy. Something that made me feel unsure.
Something I tried to define.

It was something I have wanted for awhile now. It was something that many people fight for, something many cry for. Something many learn from. It was something many walk away defeated by. It was something I was proud of. Something uplifting.
It was something we all take for granted. It was something that I could not fathom at times. Something that made me feel like I was floating. Something that made me lose control. Something that made me feel like I was ontop of the world.
It was security. It was joy. It was something that snuck up behind me and caught me.
It was those butterflies, those smiles...that hello.
It was this thing that words at time is not enough to explain. It was just this feeling.

It was something real. Something true. Something unexpected. Something needed.
It was you. Love.


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